Check back often for the latest happenings, schedules, and to dos for Holy Family School Genesian Players.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Reminders for Cast and Crew

Hello Genesians,

Tech week is quickly approaching. Here is a reminder of things due for the cast on Sunday:

Girls need: sports bra and bike shorts- will be sent home if you don't have them
Everyone needs to check blog post from 4/10 for socks and shoes requirements 
All must bring a reusable water bottle with their name on it 
Following items must be in a Baggie with name on it:

Black mascara, black pencil eyeliner, light foundation- pre-applied upon arrival starting Thurs April 30th

Crew: Please bring a reusable water bottle with you marked with your name. We'll provide dispensable water for you to fill your bottles with!

Ad Sales and Sponsorships

Hello Genesians!

We want to give you an opportunity to congratulate your young thespians, perhaps promote your business and to support our show in yet another way!

We're selling quarter and half-page ads in our full color program. There's a PayPal button on the school website. Go to them Student Life--> Genesian Players and scroll down. The image below contains the information.

We're still looking for corporate sponsors. With the time constraints, we've shrunk both the sponsors' package and the price. Please email me if you would like to sponsor our production!

At this point, we're seeking a $1,000 donation and our sponsorship includes a full page ad in the program and a spot on our sponsors banner. We’re only giving full page ads to our sponsors. You'd be thanked profusely in my curtain speech and get the VIP experience as well.

The VIP experience includes 6 "front and center" seats that come with a concessions package, a special entrance and reserved parking at the performance of your choice as well as 6 Sound of Music t-shirts if you'd like them.

In order to put your ad in the program and have a banner printed in time to hang up outside the school next week, we'll need your artwork for both items by Wednesday at 5PM.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rehearsal this week

Monday- Von Trapp kids, captain, Maria and Max until 5:30

Wednesday- nuns and Maria until 5:30

Thursday: tentative Fine Arts Fest rehearsal tbd

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oration Contest Updates

Rehearsal tomorrow will be ending early at 4:30. Meet in Mrs. Egan's room. She is making a change in your choreography for FRIDAY ONLY that you need to grasp quickly. You won't have much time in the afternoon.

Oration Contest performers should wear:
Von Trapp girls: nightgown if you have one, pj's otherwise. Bethany- wear a robe if you can.
Von Trapp boys: pj's
Folks in the Town: All black with a solid colored jacket (not hoodie or sweatshirt). Gracie wears a pink jacket and the rest of you need to pick a different color. Emma, you can wear something more "mom-ish" if you'd like. Zac- I have a nifty tyrolean hat you can wear. Girls- Juliana's mom is making you Edelweiss headbands. Get excited.