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Thursday, January 28, 2016

ITW Week 4 Update

Hello Everyone!
Rehearsals are going splendidly and we're already excited to share this show with you! Thank you, cast and parents, for your dedication and work so far. Your work ahead of time and practicing at home has a great impact on how well our rehearsals run and thus, our production.

Reminder: All cast members should be OFF BOOK on Sunday, February 7th! That means that you have memorized all your lines and music and could participate in a full run of the show with your lines and singing parts by heart.

Wednesday, February 3rd
Meet in 5A 3:30-5:30
Jack, Jack's Mother, Baker's Wife

Thursday, February 4th
Meet in 5A
3:30-4:30   Stepmother, Stepsisters, Cinderella's Prince, Steward
3:30-5:30   Cinderella, Baker's Wife

Sunday, February 7th
Meet in PLC 10AM-12PM
Bring your script. Plan to sit on it.

Next rehearsal will likely not be until Wednesday, February 17th. Keep singing and working on perfecting your lines!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ITW Week 2: Update

Rehearsal Schedule

Wednesday, January 20th
3:30-4:30 Wolf
3:30-5:30 Little Red

Thursday, January 21st
3:30-5:00 Jack and Cinderella

Sunday, January 24th
10AM -1PM Everyone in the Potion Sequence, Opening, and Finale Parts 1-5

Wednesday, January 27th
3:30-5:00 Princes, Witch, Rapunzel

Thursday, January 28th
TBD dependent upon what is accomplished!

Monday, January 11, 2016

ITW: Week 1 Updates


A few things in this post...

1. The cast of Into the Woods has been invited to attend a school performance of Mary Poppins at Dr. Phillips High School starring former Genesian Player, Maddie Montz! We are so excited to be able to support her, as well as current ITW cast member Luke Timmel, in their performance later in February. Information regarding this February 18th performance will be sent home with your child tomorrow.

We will need 6-8 drivers (depending on car capacity) to drive the students to the performance, stay for the performance, and drive them back to school afterwards. We anticipate being back to HF by 12ish.If you are fingerprint-cleared with the Diocese and you would be willing to chaperone, please email me ( and let me know how many seats you have in your car.

2. We discussed many things at our WONDERFUL read-through on Sunday. Please review with your cast member so you can be up to date on procedures regarding scripts, arrival time (15 minutes early is on time!), and how often they should be practicing.

All cast members should be singing Finale Part 6 and Curtain Call music DAILY with focus on the melody as well as enunciating the terminal sounds of every word. Singing absent-mindedly is not enough, and can even be harmful if they are practicing the wrong way. Please use the music pages in your script as well as the music (here's the link!) to practice correctly each night.

All cast members are expected to be off book (lines and music MEMORIZED) by Sunday, February 7th. Parents and siblings can be a big help! Offer to read the opposite lines, and please, by all means, nitpick until the lines are memorized exactly as they are written!

3. Rehearsal Schedule
We'll be focusing on learning the music and meaning behind the small-group songs. Meet in 5A for all rehearsals.

Wednesday, January 13th
3:30-5:30 Bakers Wives

Thursday, January 14th
3:30-4:00 Cinderella's Mother
3:30-5:30 Bakers Wives, Reds, Wolf, Cinderellas

That's all for now! Have a great week!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Into the Woods CAST LIST

Dear Auditionees,

That's all we can say! 

We never expected so many of you to work so diligently to memorize Sondheim's music and we are beyond impressed! We realized early on that we would have a very tough decision to make when casting this show. This year, we realized that the best decision would be to double cast this ensemble piece and give as many people as possible the opportunity to perform. More information about performances and rehearsals is still to come. Keep an eye on the blog!

Many of you auditioned and were not cast. Unfortunately, this is how the auditioning process works, much like trying out for a soccer or basketball team. In the same way, very often, it has nothing to do with "how good you are" but more to do with how well you fit with this show and this cast. What does it mean if you don't "fit"? Nothing, besides the fact that this particular show, with this particular cast, was not the exact place for you. Does that mean you should feel badly and quit auditioning? By no means! Seriously! Keep singing. Keep working. Audition for us next year or someone else in a few weeks. If you feel performing is for you, I'll be the first person to tell you to keep reaching for the stars. You are all courageous for coming out and you've already jumped a hurdle that many never do. Pray about it. God has blessed you with many talents. Please, don't let them go to waste.

Congratulations to all of you new cast members! We look forward to working with you this Sunday from 10AM-1PM in 5A. If you do not accept your role and do not want to participate, please email Ms. Finnegan at Please keep in mind that keeping your role is contingent upon your preparation, consistent rehearsal attendance and behavior, and adequate grades according to the Parent/Student Handbook.

Cast 1
Cast 2

Peter DeLeon and Kiran Singh
Peter DeLeon and Kiran Singh
Luke Timmel
Luke Timmel
Baker’s Wife
Maddie Harbilas
Toni JeBailey
Logan McGraw
Emma Neary
Cinderella’s Mother
Kaitlyn Prihoda
Kaitlyn Prihoda
Cinderella’s Stepmother
Anna Maria Davis
Ariana Gabryluk
Meredith O’Malley
Meredith O’Malley
Grace Neary
Grace Neary
Cinderella’s Prince
Justin Kelleher
Justin Kelleher
Zack Zweifel
Zack Zweifel
Jack’s Mother
Maddie Bansmer
Genevieve Warren
Milky White
Payton Wapole
Payton Wapole
Valeria Quintero
Hayleigh Jusus
Little Red Ridinghood
Alexandra Moncada
Kristyn Walzak
Erin McCormack
Erin McCormack
Mysterious Man
Joseph Gundrum
Joseph Gundrum
Bella Scoma
Bella Scoma
Rapunzel’s Prince
Seamus Sweeney
Seamus Sweeney
Emily Reilly
Emily Reilly
Jack Sonderman
Jack Sonderman

We're excited! See you Sunday!