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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Sound of Music CREW Interest Meeting

Hi everyone!

Any 6th-8th grader interested in joining the run crew for The Sound of Music needs to attend a short interest meeting in the Art room on Monday at 2:30. Thanks!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Sound of Music CAST LIST

Hello everyone!

The cast list can be found at this link. If you're on the list, PLEASE confirm your role before Friday at 5PM. Thank you!

We'll see you on Sunday for our read through! More info is on its way!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Sound of Music CALLBACKS Announced!

Hello all!

You all did a wonderful job at auditions on Sunday and blew us away! Some of you really “wow”-ed us and we’d like to see you again to see if you are just right for one of the roles in The Sound of Music.

Please know that being called back is not a guarantee of being cast (again, 25ish parts, 80 students auditioning). In the same way, not being called back does not mean you won’t have a part! Make sure to check the cast list when it is posted.

We’re tentatively planning a read-through for the cast on Sunday afternoon, exact time and location TBD. 

About Callbacks

Callbacks will be held during the school day tomorrow for everyone except 8th graders. Teachers will have more information about how callbacks will operate in the morning.

8th graders on the callback list- please DO NOT leave your teaching post for the day to come to callbacks during the school day. We’ll need to see 8th graders on the callback list after school until 4:15. Meet after school in 5A.

We will also need to see students with *** by their name after school tomorrow until 4:45. Meet after school in 5A.

Please use the same materials provided for auditions to prepare for callbacks. Again, nothing needs to be memorized but the more familiar you are with the music and text, the better you will perform tomorrow! Be ready to READ and SING for your character if one is indicated.

ALL girls called back, whether mentioned under a character name or not, should be prepared to sing the snippet online from “Maria.” In addition, if you are listed under a particular character’s name, please prepare the song snippet from the blog indicated in parentheses.

ALL boys called back, whether mentioned under a character name or not, should be prepared to read for Max, Herr Zeller, Baron Elberfeld and Admiral Von Schreiber.

Maria (The Sound of Music)
Bethany Asquino***
Logan McGraw***
Madison Harbilas***

Mother Abbess (Climb Ev’ry Mountain)
Sarah Marzouk
Kiran Singh
Katie Ferrell
Valeria Quintero
Toni JeBailey
Emma Neary

Liesl (Sixteen Going on Seventeen)
Meredith O’Malley***
Amelia Becerra***
Bethany Asquino***

Von Trapp Boys (Do-Re-Mi)
Zac Zweifel
Luke Timmel
Joseph Gundrum
Ignacio Estrada

Von Trapp Girls (Do-Re-Mi)
Madison Harbilas
Kaitlyn Prihoda
Maddie Bansmer
Genevieve Warren
Meredith O’Malley
Francesca Medaglia
Kristyn Walzak
Alexandra Moncada
Isabella Santos

Rolf (Sixteen Going on Seventeen)
JJ Galloway
Luke Timmel

Frau Schmidt (prepare to read)
Norah Flaherty
Natalie Chater
Logan McGraw
Jennifer Ragazzo
Emily Reilly
Madison Harbilas
Toni JeBailey
Kaitlyn Prihoda

Franz (prepare to read)
Joseph Gundrum
CJ Goodyear

Girls- prepare “Maria.”
Boys- prepare to read for Max, Herr Zeller, Baron Elberfeld, and Admiral Von Shreiber)
Peter DeLeon
Nicholas DeMonte
Mia Plaugher
Amanda Ordona
Jenylle Jecino
Drew Paone
Miguel Molina
Emma Crawford
Seamus Sweeney***
Matthew Neary
Grace Neary

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Sound of Music AUDITIONS Announced!

Hello Genesians!

You've guessed it! Auditions are right around the corner. Plan to join us this Sunday, January 25th. Location is TBD. We'll post here on the blog as soon as we've confirmed our space.

In the meantime, follow this link to sign up for auditions. You will only audition if we have you registered by Friday at 5:00 PM, so take a look at all pages of the Google form and consider your schedule seriously before registering.

We are excited to announce that this year, auditions are open to 5th through 8th grade! 5th graders- follow the link above to get started!

We'll need a few smaller children as well to fill the Von Trapp family. Parents of lower school children will be contacted if their child has been recommended by their teacher and meets requirements set forth by the production team. These children will not attend auditions on the 25th but will be seen at some other time. Parents of children below 5th grade should not fill out the Google form mentioned above without further contact by the production team.

Once you've registered, click on the "Audition Preparation" link above to get started!

We look forward to seeing you all at auditions on Sunday! The hills are alive!