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Friday, May 1, 2015


Lights- get stained glass programmed into nuns entrance cue for next time
Lights- take stained glass out of Maria’s stair cue
Lights- slow down lights dimming on Maria cue
Nuns- Maria was MUCH better today!!! Please keep increasing your energy
Bethany- thank you for taking my over the shoulder note@
Katie- I can see you from one side of the audience but not the kitchen side. STAY OPEN please!!! I don’t want those people to miss out on seeing your great expression!
Katie- good job watching Maria- you made a good judgment call to exit. That’s fine too.
Lights- Blackout in between 2 and 3
Joseph- good stalling!
Seamus- polish the whistle on your jacket not your hand
Lights- put the center light into all cues that use the center section
Kristyn- don’t stress about pulling on her skirt
Juliana- and you’re gretl. NOD
Ignacio- try to stand up in time to say “far” while you’re facing us
Gen- you do a fantastic job staying open to us after your line “do re mi fa so and so on.” Make sure you’re open when you say that line, too!
Von Trapps- watch your timing when you’re in the xylophone. If One of you goofs up, get it back on rhythm.
Luke- I can’t see you in the final do-re-mi pose
Joseph- nice job with time for your exercise
Toni- enter before the children exit so you’re onstage and we’re not waiting on you. In fact, enter with Joseph if you’d like on SR
Toni- you are OWNING this scene. You put such feeling and understanding into it. Thank you! You’re bringing the rest of the cast up with the level of work you’re showing!
Lights- is there anything we can do with the LED’s in the top of the Sixteen to make it look more like night?
JJ- stay in your light. Don’t go so far SR
Amelia- stay open to us as much as possible to your left hwen you’re on the platform
Amelia- place your hand on the stairs or on your right leg so it’s easy for JJ to grab the second time. You should have to give it to him. IT should be a surprise.
JJ- I am seventeen going on 18 is where you come in at the end and not before
jj- swing to the right before you kiss her hand- we miss it
Amelia- great job climbing in the window. Don’t forget to freeze when she says your name the first time.
Bethany- take a moment to assess her clear lie and then come up with the question, “were you walking alone?”
Amelia- remember you were going to exit DS of the bed and out the SR wing to go to the bathroom?
Emma- don’t walk over to zac and grace until soon the duet will become a trio- you’re goinga  line too early
Amanda- lean with the other side of the folks in the town. It’s uneven otherwise
Sound- replicate goatherd track for the transition. What was the other one??!
Seamus- I saw you take out the whistle but there was no sound
Meredith- if he messes up your hair, that’s fine
Bethany- loved you looking down to take a moment before laying into him
Seamus- turn back to Maria VERY reluctantly. Slowly.
Seamus- I can see the terror in your eyes before you sing. Stay in character- you’re moved by their singing and it makes you join in
Kids- you DID IT. You made that moment what it needs to be
Bethany- throw the kerchief before the change music if you need. I don’t want you standing there strangely
Ignacio- good instinct to go before Seamus was ready! Talk to me about making this a permanent change in the event that this is not ready.
Bethany- talk to me about your foot in the landler
Gen- your lines with Maria- let’s pick a time for you to move in this scene
Seamus- great “no.”
Joseph- enter sooner after solong farewell
Great conversation!
Seamus- pick up on that convo with Max while all are exiting for dinner sooner. You don’t need to wait for everyone to be gone.
Lights into scene 8
Light- take giant circle out of 51
Bethany- if your wimple starts coming off early, you can fix it it
Nuns- if the windows are on, you must go at nun speed. You did a good job picking up on that as you hurried to exit J
Seamus and Franz- anticipate your entrances into scene 9
Max- WHAT are you saying here?
Seamus and Maria- we need to talk about where you enter in scene 9- it doesn’t make sense right now.
Lights- fix cue 56 kids on platform
Seamus- great job entering earlier into this scene. Own your entrance and enter quickly then PLANT YOUR FEET.
Seamus- your hand to her and then she accepts it.
Seamus- make a bigger deal out of asking her to marry you- pause first. You two- giggle as you exit
How to make that transition faster to 10- seamus and Bethany enter SL instead? Then they’ll all be in light? Sneak around the corner of the tower?
Seamus, Bethany- let’s talk about this scene.
Max- own walking off the platform
LIGHTS in Center at top of platform
Seamus- blow it off- smiles
Seamus- stop swaying!
Seamus “you may believe what you choose” was FANTASTIC
Seamus- don’t look so uncomfortable after you sing!!! Lights will go down.
Matthew- stop swaying! You’re in charge here!
Seamus- bring yourselves and the family onstage sooner so you’re not running onstage to sing
Meredith- look interested, please
Ignacio- stand in front of and between gen and luke during edelweiss
Leisl- stand next to luke during edelweiss
Seamus- you need to “stop singing” earlier
Meredith- love you grabbing your sisters
Costumes- should the flower deliverers wear formal wear?
Max- make a big deal out of opening the envelope. Acknowledge that you’re taking forever
Emily- guard the curtain by looking out at the audience
CJ- you need to lead the clapping during the festival
Max- faux panic not hilarity for “play something”
Idea for lights in this scene
Katie- LOOK AT YOUR LINES. You cue things here.
Nuns- open up here to us at the end

Seamus- hold your moment for “til you find your dream” at the end

Thursday, April 30, 2015


If you're a cast member who is NOT in the mass AND can arrive in the dressing room before 7AM, you may dress in costume to open car doors in the morning.

Wear foundation to school with tshirt and jeans with closed shoes.

Von trapp kids and Maria- 5:00PM
Full cast 6:00PM